Injury Recovery, Health Resilience

Not only do we help you on your way to recovery from your injury through education and hands on treatment such as physiotherapy, massage, mobilisation to joints, acupuncture and strength and conditioning… We also educate you on systems and methods to help create resilience and ultimately lower your risk of reinjuring in the future!


Physio: Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Sports Injuries, Muscle Balance Assessments, Run Biomechanics, Headache Assessment and Treatment, Vertigo Assessment and Treatment, Postural Dysfunction, Workstation Assessments.

Pilates: One on One, Small group, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Injury Recovery Pilates.


*As Physiotherapists, we can refer for x-rays, ultrasound scans and steroid injections as well as to our network of specialists and Orthopaedic Surgeons. The Body Refinery is a registered ACC provider which means that we can lodge your injury directly with ACC without requiring a referral from your GP.

It's about discovery, it's about you.

It’s about helping you find better ways to look after you. It’s about finding what you need.

Whether that’s physiotherapy, massage, pilates, tips to improve your running style; a group of friends to head out for a run with; motivating you to be the best version of you; understanding the food you’re fuelling your body with; building resilience through meditation and yoga; or inspiring you to take that new class.

It’s about understanding the effects of what we do to our bodies. Training, eating, sleeping, thinking and re-charging. It’s about changing old habits and starting new ones you’ll love.

Meet the Team

Our family continues to grow and change as The Body Refinery does. Each person brings a unique set of skills and passions making us an interesting mix of people – all wanting to help you on your road to recovery, and health resilience!
Stu Ross, Physio Newmarket & St Heliers | The Body Refinery

Stu Ross

Owner, Senior Physio

Kate Birks, Physio Newmarket & St Heliers | The Body Refinery

Kate Birks

Senior Physio

Nick Ewart, Physio Newmarket & St Heliers | The Body Refinery

Nick Ewart

Senior Physio

Pauline Thorp, Physio Newmarket & St Heliers | The Body Refinery

Pauline Thorp

Senior Physio, Pilates Instructor

Will Simpson, Physio Newmarket & St Heliers | The Body Refinery

Will Simpson

Senior Physio

Deb Gibson, Practice Manager Newmarket & St Heliers | The Body Refinery

Deb Gibson

Practice Manager


Take some time and explore some of the insights, stories and gems from the team here at The Body Refinery.

Concussion, what is it?

Concussion What is Concussion? Concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) It can be defined as a head injury with a brief loss of brain function which can cause physical, cognitive and emotional Read more…

Mobility and falls prevention.

Older individuals show lower rates of movement and lower peak ankle moment when compared with young adults. As strength declines with age (due to muscular, tendinous and neural alterations), leg muscle strength could be the limiting factor in preventing a fall.

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